Composer Rosie Langabeer created Zirkus as a big band making an original and theatrical blend of exotica, free-jazz, soundscape and circus music.

Featuring some of New Zealand’s most accomplished experimental musicians including Jeff Henderson, Chris O’Connor, Patrick Bleakley, Hannah Griffin, Kate Telford, Zena Dawson, Anton Wutts, Chris Clinch, Nick van Dijk, Gerard Crewdson and Chris Palmer, with special performances by Nik Cox as the suspiciously humanoid barking dog and angry ranter.

T H E   A L L   S E E I N G   H A N D

The All Seeing Hand are a Turntable / Drum / Throat trio in conversation.

Turntablist extrordinnaire Alphabethead provides a densely woven fabric of sounds parsed through filters and needles working in everything from orchestral gamelan and Inuit folk music to post-punk and electronica.

Your synapses are firing new paths and that is because of Jonny Mark's harmonically-rich strange and new throat singing language. Jonny is a true sonic explorer and high-energy front-person.

B Michael Knight is trained in the energy of DIY punk and hardcore, tightly binding the sound together with his driving and frantic percussion.

The All Seeing Hand is progress.
Conversion is progress.
The All Seeing Hand converts.



K A H R A   S C O T T - J A M E S
Sound Designer

Kahra has 25 years media, arts and entertainment industry experience specializing in sound design and audio production. Screen credits include short films, features, interactive movies, television series, animation, webisodes, trailers / teasers, television commercials, corporate videos, documentaries, theatre, and video games.
Her work is seen at a large number of international festivals with awards from Denmark, Singapore, Korea, NZ, Canada, USA, and Germany. 
Currently completng PhD in Sound Design at RMIT Melbourne Australia.