D A R C Y   G L A D W I N

Darcy is an inter-media artist with an extensive background in design, photography and music. After working in the communications and advertising industry Darcy migrated to filmmaking, receiving several awards for directing, editing and cinematography. Alongside composing and performing cross-genre music, Darcy has had films screened in a range of festivals. Godplex is his debut feature film, a tragi-comic narrative featuring Shane Hollands, a prominent NZ performance poet and Melbourne artist / actor Marko Maglaic. Written, directed and edited by Darcy, Godplex explores anxiety, delusion and disillusionment and concludes what might be best described as a psychological cinematic interrogation of identity diffusion and the psycho-technological interface.

G I L E S   M C N E I L L

Giles is a Wellington-based filmmaker who enjoys all facets of the art form including DOP/camera, directing, writing and editing. For Godplex he acted as DOP bringing a practical approach but mostly a passion to create great images.
Giles has twice lead teams to victory in the Wellington 48HR FILM COMPETITION – once being the nationwide overall winner.



D O M I N I C   F R Y E R

Dom is a very experienced DOP and cameraman with many credits in documentary, TV and short film. He has travelled a lot with his career with an eye for adventure and action.
His largest success is DOP for Sundance winner TICKLED, as seen on HBO.

E D   D A V I S

Ed is a wizard of camera and computer imagery with a knack of creating unique results with their combination. His credits include work for Weta Films and has a large CV of music videos and short film.